[Magazine BEAUTY Battle] Best Photos of 2017 ‘Autumn Beauty,’ New ‘Cover Girl Make-Up’

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September is the month of a good harvest with pouring new trendy items. Traditional fashion and beauty magazines that are global fashion and beauty trend sources have most rapidly presented an autumn mood and opened a new season. Cover girls who also open the new season are very eye-catching. They put on elegant shading eye make-up and new MLBB lip colors. This is a heated contest of their autumn-colored make-up with their own charms.  

 # LOOK 1. Powerful Charisma  Deep Eyes + Nudy Lip 


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Gi Gi Hadid was featured on a cover of the September issue of a ‘Vogue Korea’ magazine. A high-end fashion magazine, ‘Vogue,’ and the best model in the world, ‘Gi Gi Hadid,’ met and worked together, and consequently, her make-up looked so sexy in a different way. First of all, she applied amber coral eye shadow to her whole eyeholes for elegantly shading her eyes and drew bold cat’s-eye lines on her eyes for deep brown shading eye make-up. Finally, she put on a nude color lipstick in full that made her skin healthier and completed elegant nude make-up. Her make-up looks so great on clothes colored in key colors of this F/W season such as red and brown. 



A trend of eye shadow this autumn is palette eye shadow items. As the weather of color make-up, shading eye color palettes are expected to continue to be released during this season. Among all of the items, we should pay attention to this palette including wine shading colors properly mixed with red and brown that is a key color of this season.  This is the perfect color match to show the essence of red variation, including beige, brown, red, wine, and burgundy. Women in autumn can complete various types of eye make-up by applying brown shading color for deep eye make-up and red and glitter colors for eye highlighting make-up!

Etude House ‘Play Color Eyes Wine Party_1gx10’ / 22,000 KRW

 # LOOK 2. Young Power Beauty  Minimalism Base + Matt MLBB Lip 


#Cosmopolitan #CosmoBeauty #TheYoungestCoverGirl #KimDoYeon #WekiMeki
#YoungPowerMakeUp #CoralMLBBLip #MattMLBBLip #MinimalismMakeUp

Kim Do-yeon became the youngest cover girl of a Korean beauty edition of ‘Cosmopolitan’ that is a global license magazine. In the cover pictorial, her make-up looked as gorgeous as she was featured on the cover of ‘Cosmo Beauty’ that is a beauty book including every beauty item of the 2017 F/W season. She harmoniously put on minimalism base make-up that is this season’s beauty trend and matt MLBB lip color that is a lipstick trend and completed the best cover picture as a mature girl. Particularly, she applied another type of coral MLBB lipstick other than a pink MLBB color lipstick of last season to her lips in full and showed off her full lips. 

 # LOOK 3. Warm-tone Beauty Queen   Semi-matt Base + Pink MLBB Lip


#InStyle #InStyleCoverGirl #SeolHyun #AOA
#WarmColorMakeUp #DriedRoseColorBlusher #PinkMLBBLip #SemiMattBaseMakeUp

The autumn goddess of ‘In Style’ that is the Korea’s first celebrity style magazine is Seol Hyun! A cover look of Seol Hyun who became a next-generation beauty queen because of her well-defined features and S-line body looks so elegant again this time. A concept of the September’s cover girl is the pure goddess. She put on glossy semi-matt base make-up and applied a dried rose color blusher to her cheeks for her feminine mood. At this time, she shaded the shape of her face by connecting a shading item and blusher in order to naturally apply a pink blusher to her dark color skin. Then, she also applied a glossy pink MLBB lipstick that is ‘a symbol of the autumn lipstick,’ and finished season-less goddess make-up. 

 # LOOK 4. Color Matching Goddess  Orange Brown Hair + Hot Pink Lip 


#CeCi #CeCiCoverGirl #GoJoonHee
#ColorMatchingMakeUp #OrangeBrownHair #HotPinkLip

A cover girl of the September issue of ‘CeCi’ that is a magazine leading an Asian fashion and beauty trend is an emerging Korean-wave celebrity, ‘Go Joon-hee.’ She had her hair Hime-cut and looked so wonderful. Even though this is a cover pictorial of the F/W season, it looks so fresh like the spring season. This is might be because a vigorous magazine, ‘CeCi,’ and Go Joon-hee who is the best person for color lipsticks have met together? She had orange brown hair and put on brown eye make-up for the fall season, but a key point of her make-up is a lipstick! There are no rules to only put on nude color, MLBB, and burgundy lipsticks. Her hot pink lipstick that seemed to be beautiful like spring flowers and got overripe like autumn fallen leaves looked much more unique.

[KOWAVE Shin Yoon-jung / Pictures = Vogue, Cosmopolitan, In Style, CeCi, Etude House]

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