[Entertainment STYLE Battle] Make Entertainment Like It’s a ‘Runway’ ‘Eye-Catching Model’s Broadcasting Look’ ② - Male Model

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What are common features Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-suk, and Nam Joo-Hyuk have? They are all model-turned actors who have long legs and well-balanced figures and remain active in TV. Here are next-generation modeltainers (Model + Entertainers) that threaten the three models’ positions. Fashionable male models who have already fascinated female viewers and recently stolen many men’s hearts due to daily look styles appeared on one variety show. Why do their clothes catch our eyes more than their skills at talking? Let me show the unique styling of the modeltainers who made the TV show like it’s a photo shoot studio. 

 # LOOK 1. Joo Woo-jae  Vintage Normcore Look


Joo Woo-jae has a lot of modifiers such as a newly rising star who makes a fascinating boyfriend’s pictures and good-looking model. A lot of people are already big fans of him because he is very fashionable and handsome. He already became a professional entertainer because he gave plenty of laughs to viewers on various entertainment shows and recently appeared on <MBC every1, Video Star> and showed off his professional skill at talking. At the show, he showed unique normcore look by wearing a grey long jacket, white T-shirts with lettering details, and straight-fit slacks. In particular, the jacket with damaged details on its right collar and sleeve looked so vintage. 


Aderererror Cinder Coat’ / 319,000 KRW

 # LOOK 2. Byeon Woo-seok  Color Dandy Look


You’d have to have been living on another planet not to have heard of Byeon Woo-seok in the fashion industry! Byeon Woo-seok has become a rising star as a model and actor. Even though he appeared on an entertainment show for a short period of time, the whole nation got to know him. He showed off his good-looking appearance, soft smile, and perfect proportion and fascinated a lot of women in a runway as well as broadcasting stations. He was a main host of <OLIVE, ‘Suddenly a Millionaire> that ended a few days ago and showed off his great skill at talking in the show. Particularly, his slim-fit colored suit perfectly matched his appearance like a cute dog. Also, he perfectly looked good on a tone-downed red suit and simple white suit and showed off his perfect proportion as a model. He matched color arrangement by wearing a black top for the red suit and blue color top for the white suit. 

 # LOOK 3. Bae Jung-nam  Unique Casual Look


Bae Jung-nam is a rising scene stealer of entertainment shows who was discovered first by <MBC ‘Radio Star> and became popular due to <Infinite Challenge>. His regional dialect and good skill at talking attracted viewers on several entertainment shows, and he has recently been in his prime because he took a commercial film for news agency. In fact, he is 177cm in height and actually smaller than other models, but he has been a role model of many men since a long time ago because of his perfect proportion and fashion style. Thus, he showed perfect vacation fashion look by wearing red Hawaiian shirts, his signature item, ‘black pleats pants,’ and white sneakers on the episode of <Infinite Challenge – Jeju-do Island> as if he had proved his fame as a fashionable model. He tucked his shirts in his pants in order to create a loose pants’ perfect fit. Then, he wore black sunglasses and a backpack and completed fashionable look that only a model can show. 



This is Gurkha pants that are his signature look and trendy men’s pants of this season. If men wear the pants, they should tie a belt or strap at the waist. Thus, it is called as ‘baggy pants.’ Bae Jung-nam frequently wears wide Gurkha pants, but if you are a rising fashionable person, you need to wear narrow-legged pants at first. The black pants are already rolled up and have boot-cut details. Thus, it is easy to match it with almost all types of tops such as T-shirts, shirts, and knit. Don’t be about to cry because you have nothing to wear and purchase great pants to wear every day between summer and autumn. 

SALON DE SEOUL for men ‘Man 17s/S Gurkha Pants_Black’ / 129,000 KRW

[KOWAVE Seo Sang-hee / Pictures = Captured pictures of <MBC every1 ‘Video Star’>, <MBC, ‘Infinite Challenge>, <OLIVE, ‘Suddenly a Millionaire>, Ader Error, Salon de Seoul for Men]

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