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Victoria Beckham and Yoo Ah-in said that taking off the last item you added was necessary to complete the perfect fashion styling. However, fashion beginners who don’t know how to do self-control and get a fire in the hole definitely don’t know how to take off. They might be satisfied only when they do everything they want. 


At this time when a norm-core (Normal + Hardcore) trend dies down, I’ve pleasantly heard that one of the 2017 F/W trends is ‘modern glam look.’ Let’s check out ‘too much look’ of fashion maximalists who think that the more excessive clothes are, the more fabulous they look and styling minus suggestions to enable them to take off just one item.  

 # LOOK 1.  Woman in MILANO


This is mini dress look of Crystal in the 2017 F/W Milano fashion week. She was perfectly wearing a TODS’s dress that achieved a color block effect with brown and pink yarrows. The dress’s strong python leather pattern and drastic color mix and her wavy long hair completed glamorous and chic real-way fashion look for the fashion week. Crystal was selected as the Asia’s first muse of TODS. 

▶ Styling Minus Suggestion: Glam Wavy Hair -> Natural Wavy Hair

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#ColorBlockDress #PythonDress #MiniDress #TODS



Kim Sun-mi / 25 years old / College Student 

I met Kim Sun-mi at Garosu-gil Road of Sinsa-dong, Seoul. She said that she preferred what she wanted to wear to what other people wanted her to wear. She was wearing an airy color block dress of ‘Kim’s Boutique’ that is her favorite brand. She said she really loved this brand because Kim’s Boutique is a self-made brand for women, well-known for releasing distinctive patterns and colors and kitsch and retro mood, and even sticks to the small-quantity production. She completed ‘YOLO (you only live once) Too Much Look’ that exposed her taste as much as she wanted by wearing a color-stripe dress with changeable color combination, a choker, and clutch bag. 

▶ Styling Minus Suggestion: Platform Slip-on Sneakers -> Simple Mule 

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#LoungeDress #Kim’sBoutique #EarlyFallDressLook #Choker

DRESS / Kim’s Boutique
SHOES / Black Martine Sitbon



This is a two-piece item with a boat-neck knit sweater and H-line knit skirt. Its definite color stripe patterns complete strong fashion look. 


Margarin Fingers Multi Stripe Knit’ / 90,000 KRW’

                           ‘Multi Stripe Skirt’ / 80,000 KRW’ 

[KOWAVE Park Yeo-jin / Pictures = KOWAVE DIGITAL MEDIA TEAM, Jo Sung-joon photographer, Margarine Fingers]

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