Privacy Policy

1. Purposes of personal information processing 

  1. <Corporation KOWAVE M>( Hereafter,Kowave) processes personal information for the following purposes and does not use them for anything other than the following purposes.

    - Confirms customers intention to join Kowave, identifies and authenticates customers according to service provision, maintains membership, charges customers for products and services, and supplies and delivers products or services.

2. Commissioned personal information processing

1) <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) entrusts its personal information processing to a management company for smooth management as follow:


2) <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) specifies the details about the responsibilities including prohibiting personal information processing other than the purposes of consignment, protective action of technologies and management, limit on reconsignment, management and supervision, and compensation for damage in documents including the contracts according to Article 25 of the privacy act when contracts on consigned are made and supervises if trustees safely processes personal information.



3) <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) will open this privacy policy without delay if contents of consignment or trustees will be changed.  

3. The users of rights, duties, and exercise methods of information objects can exercise their rights as the personal information objects as follow
  1. 1) The information objects can exercise their rights related to personal information protection of each number about <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) any time.

    ① Requests for reading personal information

    ② Requests for correcting errors of personal information.

    ③ Requests for deleting personal information

    ④ Requests for stopping personal information processing

4. Make out items of personal information to be processed 

1) <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) processes the following personal information items.


<Personal information processing services>

- Critical items : e-mail, password, name, nick name

- Optional items : membership of mailing, permission of notes

5. Destruction of personal information

<Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) makes it a rule to destroy personal information without delay if the processing purposes are accomplished. The procedure, time limit, and method for destroying the applicable personal information are as follow:



1) The procedure for destroying personal information

The information entered by users are immediately destroyed after they are stored for a certain period of time by moving them to the separate DB(the separate documents in case of paper) after accomplishing the purposes according to the internal policy and other related legislations. At this moment, the personal information moved to the DB are not used for other purposes except the cases by the law.



2) The time limit for destruction

Users personal information are destroyed within 5 days from the closing date of the possession period if it is exceeded and from the date that personal information processing is recognized as being unnecessary due to accomplishment of personal information processing, abolition of the applicable services, and the end of businesses. 

6. Security of the safety about personal information

  1. <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) takes technical/administrative and physical measures which are necessary for securing the safety according to Article 29 of the privacy act as follow:



    1) Minimization and education of the employees who treat personal information

    <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) designates the employees who treat personal information and enforces its policy to manage personal information by limiting and minimizing the persons in charge.


    2) Encryption of personal information

    Users personal information can be checked by themselves because they are encrypted, stored, and maintained by passwords. The important data use the separate security function including encryption or locking of the files and transmitted data.



    3) Access restriction about personal information

    <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) takes necessary measures for access control of personal information by authorizing, changing, and canceling access to the database system which processes personal information and controls unauthorized access from the outside by using the firewall system.


    4) Access control of unauthorized persons

    <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) separately makes the physical archive which stores personal information and operates the access control procedure by establishing it. 

7. Make out the person in charge of protecting personal information

  1. 1) <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) designates the person in charge of protecting personal information to deal with complaints of information objects related to personal information processing and relieve damage by handling everything that has to do with business about personal information processing as follow:


    ▶ The person in charge of protecting personal information

    Name: Sunny Kim

    Title: CEO

    Tel. No.: 82-70-4101-7097



    2) Information objects can contact and inquire the person in charge of protecting personal information and the applicable department about inquiries related to protection of all the personal information which happened by using the M & K(Kowave)s services(or businesses) and the details of complaints and relief of damage. <Corporation KOWAVE M>(Kowave) will answer to information objects inquiries without delay. 

8. Change of the privacy policy

  1. 1) This privacy policy is applied from the enforcement date and addition, deletion, and correction of changed contents according to the legislations and policies will be announced through notices.