Article 1 [Membership]

  1. ⓐ Membership is done after the company approves it when the members agree the contents of the agreement and subscribes for it.

    ⓑ The members should enter the following details in membership applications. 1) and 2) are the critical items to be entered and other details are optional.

     1) The members name / nick name

     2) e-mail and password;

     3) Membership of mailing and permission of notes

    ⓒ The company shall make it a rule to approve membership for the above members application and cannot approve the following cases.

     1) If applicants have experience to lose membership before by this agreement;

     2) If they sign up for membership to harm societys order and beautiful and fine custom;

     3) If they post false information or do not enter the contents presented by the company; and

     4) If they sign up for membership violating the general details defined by the company.

    ⓓ The company can postpone its approval if there is no room of facilities related to the services or technical and business problems.

    ⓔ If the company does not approve or postpones the approval of membership according to ⓒ and , it should notify the applicants of this with the exception of the case that the company cannot notify them of it without its causes.


    ⓕ The contract of membership shall be done when the companys approval reaches members. 

Article 2 [Exceptional provisions about minors membership]

ⓐ The members who are less than 14 years old should provide their personal information for the company after being well-informed of collection of personal information and purposes of using them, getting approval from their legal representatives including their parents, and signing up for membership.

ⓑ The company shall cancel membership of the applicants who are less than 14 years old and did not go through the procedure to confirm agreement of their legal representatives including their parents or shall not allow them to be members.


ⓒ The regal representatives of the members who are less than 14 years old can ask the company to read, correct, and renew their personal information or withdraw their membership. Then, the company should take immediate measures without delay.


Article 3 [Change of members information]

  1. ⓐ The members can read and correct their information through the personal information management screen any time.

    ⓑ The members should correct changes of the details entered by themselves in application for membership or inform the company of them with other methods.


    ⓒ The company shall not be responsible for the members disadvantages which occur because they did not inform it of the above changes. 

Article 4 [The members duties about management of IDs and passwords]


ⓐ The members shall be responsible for management of IDs and passwords and should not make the third parties use them.

ⓑ The members should immediately inform the company of illegal uses of their IDs or passwords by the third parties when they recognize them and follow its lead.


ⓒ The company shall not be responsible for the members’ disadvantages which occur because they did not notify it of the facts that their IDs were illegally used by the third parties or they did not follow its lead even after doing it.

Article 5 [Notification to the members]


ⓐ If the company notify the members of notices, it can send them to e-mail addresses designated by them.


ⓑ In case of notification of notices to the whole members, the company can replace the notice of ⓐ with posting them on the companys bulletin board for more than 7 days. The company shall notify the members of the details which affect their transaction significantly through the notification of .


Article 6 [Cancelation of membership, disqualification, etc.]

  1. ⓐ The members can ask the company to cancel their membership any time and the company shall immediately treat cancelation of membership.

    ⓑ If the members are applicable to one of the reasons of following numbers, the company can limit or stop their qualification for membership.

     1) If the members enter the false information when they signed up for membership;

     2) If they do not pay off the charges for the companys services and their debts which should be done with respect to use of the companys other services;

     3) If they prevent other persons from using the services or illegally use the information; and

     4) If they do the acts which violate the legislations and beautiful and fine custom or prohibited by the agreement by using the company.

    ⓒ If the members do the same acts more than two times or do not correct the reasons within 30 days after the company stop their qualification of membership, it can cancel their qualification of membership.


    ⓓ If the company make the members lose their qualification of membership, it shall cancel registration of the members and notify them of it. However, it shall give them the opportunity to pgive primafacie evidence of the reasons for 30 days before canceling the qualification for membership.